The World of the 2176 Freedom Series

A brief summary of the geopolitical world of 2176:

One hundred and sixty years from now, in 2176, the world is vastly changed.

The Euro-African Consortium is overseen from Paris by the United Nations. Or does the consortium oversee the U.N.? Nobody knows.

The Dominion of Tri-Canada remains in quarantine a full century after suffering a massive plague. They exist behind a veil of seclusion in self-imposed isolation. Perhaps they don’t want to attract the lusty interest of their neighbor in the south, the UCE.

The United Colonies of Earth (the UCE) is comprised of the following colonies: Central (the former United States), Mexico, South America, Antarctica, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and the Middle East. This bloated, imperialistic power depends on taxes wrung from its colonies.

Housing a massive prison called Newgate, Australia is the final destination for Earth’s waste. All trash graciously accepted, human and otherwise.

India is mostly uninhabitable, as are Pakistan, Nepal, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and the southern edge of the Himalayas. How did it happen? Terrorists set off a small nuclear device in Bombay. It destroyed the financial district. India blamed it on Pakistan and lobbed a bigger one back. By the time they were done, a billion people were dead.

From its capital of Beijing, the isolationist Empire of Asia is ruled by a dynastic and benevolent dictatorship. Within the empire is the former capital of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Pyongyang, now called North Han City, Indonesia and Philippines, shrunken by rising seas, lawless Macao, Siberia, Mongolia, and the eastern half of Russia. The Empire claims to have the highest literacy rate, the lowest infant mortality rate, and the longest life span in the world.

The Raft Cities is a cobbled-together hive of bandits, mercenaries, and lost souls that belongs to no nation, no world order. Sea gangsters live alongside former Maldivian islanders and the scrappy descendants of the Lucky Ones, survivors of the unintended nuclear war between India and Pakistan a century ago.

There are five permanent Moon colonies, and a Mars research Station.



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