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Star World Frontier Series

The Champion of Barésh (#1 in the Star World Frontier series)

The Star Series

The Star King (#1 in the Star Series) (RITA finalist)

The Star Prince (#2 in the Star Series)

The Star Princess (#3 in the Star Series)

The Champion of Barésh (#4 in The Star Series)

The Star Queen (Prequel of the Star Series)

   Star World Glimmers: (no reading order. These are short stories in the Star World)

   Stray (featured in the anthology Pets in Space)

2176 Freedom Series

The Legend Of Banzai Maguire (#1 in the 2176 Freedom series)

The Scarlet Empress (#2 in the 2176 Freedom Series)

Stand-alone Books

Contact (stand-alone book)( RITA winner)

Once A Pirate (stand-alone book)

The Day Her Heart Stood Still  (stand-alone novella)

The Borderlands Series

Moonstruck (#1 in The Borderlands series. RITA finalist)

The Warlord’s Daughter (#2 in The Borderlands series)

Sureblood (#3 in The Borderlands series)

Otherworldly Men Series

Your Planet or Mine? (#1 in Otherworldly Men series)

My Favorite Earthling (#2 in Otherworldly Men series)

How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days (#3 in Otherworldly Men series)

The Lost Colony Series

The Last Warrior (#1 in the Lost Colony series)


Pets in Space  (anthology featuring Stray)

Mission: Christmas (anthology featuring Snowbound With a Prince)

Mysteria (#1 in the Mysteria series of anthologies featuring Mortal in Mysteria)

Mysteria Lane (#2 in the Mysteria series of anthologies featuring The Nanny From Hell)

Mysteria Nights (combines the Mysteria and Mysteria Lane anthologies)

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