2003 RITA Winner!

A beautiful co-pilot with a terrible choice…
A dark stranger who has known nothing but duty…

When co-pilot Jordan Cady’s 747 is snatched from the sky by an immense UFO, her captain suffers a fatal heart attack, leaving her in command. Putting aside her own fears and taking charge is exactly what the single mother of a six-year old daughter knows how to do. With no power or communications to the plane, Jordan and her crew are far from understanding who—or what—has hijacked them, until an envoy is sent to explain. Resembling a cross between the Marlboro Man and Attilla the Hun, the officer conveys unthinkable news: everyone they loved is no longer alive.

Space Force Lieutenant Kào Vantaar-Moray expected gratitude and not defiance from the Earth-woman pilot. No matter how hard he tries to convince her that his people saved her and hundreds of her passengers from certain death, he can’t erase her suspicion that in the eyes of those on Earth her aircraft has vanished without a trace. The more involved he becomes with Jordan, the more his loyalties are torn. He owes his ship commander respect, and his very life, but a new life beckons with Jordan—if he can save her and her people before a heartless enemy reveals its true intentions.


The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: May 2013
ISBN-13: 9781940200231