Star Raider

Prequel: Star Series

(Previously Published as The Star Queen)

Raider Captain Romjha B’kah seeks out the riskiest missions. After a lifetime of loss, only the rush of adrenaline can make him feel fully alive. That changes when Taj enters his life. For the first time he contemplates a life where there is more than war. If only he can convince brilliant Taj be as passionate about him as she is for her work as bombmaker.

Shy, serious munitions specialist Taj Sai views herself as Romjha’s opposite in every way, but it hasn’t stopped her from secretly wanting him since they were schoolchildren. Tragedy from her past has her swearing off getting close to the handsome warrior lest she lose him too. A shared mission brings them together, but soon news comes from the farthest reaches of the galaxy of a resistance movement against their enemy. Romjha wants to join them, while Taj thinks they should lay low. Is the chance for a real future worth risking all they hold dear?

“The connection between Taj and Romjha is intense, and the love scenes are extremely hot.” — Jennifer Keirans, All About Romance 

HEA. Stand-alone. No cliffhangers. This is the NEW and UPDATED prequel novella to The Star Series.

Star Raider

The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: February 2017
ISBN-13: 9781940200132

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