The Star Series Boxed Set

4-Book Set

Meet the Hamiltons…

In the Star series, a working-class Earth family shakes up the galaxy when Jasmine, Ian, and Ilana Hamilton find sizzling romance and adventure with royals from three Vash clans—B’kah (The Star King), Dar (The Star Prince), and Vedla (The Star Princess).  

The boxed set contains the first three books in The Star series by New York Times/USA Today bestselling author and RITA winner Susan Grant, including the series prequel, The Star Queen, together for the first time.

Star Series Book 1: THE STAR KING. Rom B’Kah, banished crown prince and current intergalactic trader, enjoys the freedom of the stars. He no longer has to answer to anyone. His focus now is on his crew and building his reputation as a rebellious smuggler…until he reunites with the one woman he should not have let get away. 

Star Series Book 2: THE STAR PRINCE. Ian Hamilton’s life flips upside-down when his mother marries the king of the galaxy. After his stepfather names him as his successor, Crown Prince Ian fights to stay one step ahead of the scheming royals who don’t want him in line for the throne. A mission critical to galactic peace forces him to hire a cute but tough pixie of a pilot he can’t help falling for—until he discovers she’s on the run from the very laws he’s pledged to uphold. 

Star Series Book 3: THE STAR PRINCESS. Ché Vedla is less than thrilled about his family choosing the perfect princess bride for him, but as the crown prince it is his duty to comply. With an arranged marriage looming, he escapes to Earth to sow some wild oats. Falling head over royal heels with his friend Ilana Hamilton, a gorgeous but completely unsuitable Hollywood filmmaker may not have been in his plans, but he is determined to convince her of their happily ever after.

Bonus content! Star Series Book 0: THE STAR QUEEN. In this NEW and UPDATED prequel novella to the Star Series, travel back 11,000 years to the decimated planet of Sienna where a band of survivors fights back against the brutal enemy that destroyed their world. In the wake of terrifying carnage, a raider captain and his munitions officer dare to take the greatest risk of all—falling in love. 

The Star Series Boxed Set

The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: January 2017
ISBN-13: 9781940200323