The Star King

Book 1: Star Series

RITA® Award Finalist

Rom B’Kah, banished crown prince and current intergalactic trader, enjoys the freedom of the stars. He no longer has to answer to anyone. His focus now is on his crew and building his reputation as a rebellious smuggler.

Jas Hamilton dreams of a golden-eyed man. He is the man who has been with her since a horrible crash ended her flying career. Nothing prepares her for the day her dream-man comes true – or the fact that he is an alien.

Despite Rom’s insistence they had never met, Jas knows in her heart that they have. Needing closure, she books passage on his ship. Can Jas convince this smuggler prince that they know each other, or will an old enemy reappear with deadly plans for both of them before she has a chance to see if her dreams were real?

The Star King

The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: May 2013
ISBN-13: 9781940200194