The Star King

Book 1: Star Series

RITA Award Finalist

Rom B’Kah doesn’t miss being the crown prince of a stodgy, ancient kingdom. He bucked the rules to fight an unpopular war and was banished for it. Plying the stars as an intergalactic trader with his loyal crew gives him the freedom his former life never did, and he won’t let anything interfere with it…not his rather unsavory reputation as a smuggler, and certainly not a woman. Until he reunites with the one he should not have let get away. 

Jas Hamilton can’t explain the golden-eyed man who appears in her dreams night after night, but she has thought of him ever since the crash that ended her flying career. Her new life as a successful artist takes an unexpected turn when aliens contact Earth—and one of the extraterrestrials resembles the man she thought existed only in her imagination. She wants answers. It leaves her with only one option: booking passage on his ship. 

When Rom insists that they have met before, Jas isn’t so sure…until she discovers something familiar in his kiss. But soon an enemy reappears with deadly plans for them both.


The Star King

The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: May 2013
ISBN-13: 9781940200194