The Lonely Galaxy Travel Guide -- CERES


Introducing Ceres:

Note: While the name is pronounced the same, Ceres is not to be confused with the dwarf planet that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The frontier world Ceres is a Trade Federation designated nature preserve with stunning scenery and a temperate, humid climate reminiscent of Kauai, Hawaii during the winter months. The year-round fine weather makes it an ideal spot for outdoor activities and camping. The forests consist of extremely tall trees (500 feet or more) with fronds that lace together to form a canopy. If you like the color green, you’re in luck. This leafy crown tints the sunlight, lending an emerald hue to an already lush landscape.


Just as eye-catching is the coastline of powdery sand beaches that will remind many travelers of remote atolls in Polynesia.

But the main draw to Ceres as an interstellar travel destination is not its scenery. Space tourists with the means to travel so far from Earth will be treated to one of the strangest diversions in the known galaxy—giant snails.  

Caution: The Lonely Galaxy Travel Guide does not use the word “giant” lightly. These are no basketball size sea snails. Adults can reach the size of small houses, forty feet or more.

(Alert: Mollusk rodeos using adolescent snails have since become illegal. Beware steep fines for ignoring the law)

The best time to catch a glimpse of the famous snails is after dusk when they travel from the forest to the shoreline to feed on marine plant life. (You’ll be relieved to know the giant snails of Ceres are 100% vegetarian). Depending on how much of an adrenaline junkie you are, you can try joining the ranks of other thrill-seekers who leap from the trees onto the backs of the snails and ride the the creatures to their feeding area, a journey that takes hours. The views from their great height offer the space cowboy and cowgirl an unforgettable experience.

Nighttime beaches on Ceres are sure to delight.

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