Book 1: The Borderlands Series

OUT OF PRINT: Will be released under the title WARLEADER

A Library Journal Best Book of the Year Pick

RITA Award Finalist

Peace was for little girls.
And Coalition starship admiral Brit Bandar was one tough woman. A mere intergalactic treaty could never get her to trust the Drakken Horde. There was too much bad blood between the Coalition and the Horde and, for intensely personal reasons, Brit wasn’t sure that she was through spilling it! But now a peaceful accord had made Finn Rorkken, a notorious Drakken rogue, second in command on her starship, and–through some grand cosmic irony–front and center in her thoughts…and her heart.

Warleader. Pirate.
Either title sat easily on Finn’s battle-hardened shoulders. Though second in command to “Stone-Heart” Bandar? That one would take some getting used to. Peace required as much sacrifice as war so he’d comply even if his reaction to the gorgeous admiral fell decidedly outside protocol. But would he end up kissing or killing her if the galaxy’s tentative truce turned into all-out war?


The Details Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Published: May 2008
ISBN-10: 0373772599
ISBN-13: 978-0373772599

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