Come Fly With Me!

Wined and Dined 

My Global First Class sleeper compartment on my dead head as a passenger to Seoul (before I made it all messy with my iPad, laptop–yes I was working hard on Champ!, and newspapers). Originally had “business first” but was upgraded thanks to a bunch of empty seats. Now that the Seoul trip is returning to the ❤️747❤️my crew and I were flown out there on the 777 to work the 747 home. Those pesky little 777s stole the ICN trip for 5 whole weeks this past month, forcing me to venture out of my box to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is great but Seoul is my fav. Now we have it back. For now, anyway. Rumor is that the 787 will steal it away this summer. But that is what happens to a dying fleet aka a plane that’s being phased out. But, was wonderful being flown to work in civilian clothes while being wined and dined. It’s always so painfully hard to fly coach in my real life after this…

More Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor soon after sunrise and my idea of the breakfast from heaven: coffee, my kindle, and views from the 40th floor:

Over the years I’ve seen the Hong Kong Island shoreline growing and the harbor shrinking. All that valuable real estate being reclaimed, I guess. I wonder at which point they’ll stop. When the harbor becomes a  channel? Take a look: XA   The route to this gem of a city took us over eastern Russia/Siberia and down through Mongolia. Talk about the great white north! What a vast and lonely stretch of this planet northern China is. If you look closely at the next couple of photos you’ll see a town and some roads:


Here’s a glimpse of the route we took. The names of the waypoints are a treasure trove of alien names for this sci-fi romance author! If you’ve read my Star series, the Vash surname Vedla is a waypoint name.  And oh so many more! 


Room with a view 

There’s nothing better at the end of a very long day flying than a room with a view on the 38th floor of a luxury hotel overlooking Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. I must write many pages tomorrow for my work in progress, The Champion of Barésh, but I get do so with THIS view in front of me!


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