Come Fly With Me!

Alaska the beautiful

Another crossing where the rare absence of cloud cover revealed amazing views! This is Kodiak Island and the region south of King Salmon (Katmai National Park). Less than a half hour after I took these pics the clouds were back and over Russia we went.



Here’s  map of the approximate route. The crooked blue line is my fault–finger drawing! :)

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.28.37 PM

UFO-ish Lightshow

I was treated to the most beautiful and unusual phenomenon crossing the Pacific heading east at dawn. A halo formed around the sun with a Saturn-like ring of light through the center. The two flares on either side resembled UFOs/flying saucers. Here are a few photos, the left side, the center, and the right side. No photoshop, no “lense flare.” It’s what we saw, except it was all much more dramatic in person. IMG_5412



Seoul abloom!

I missed the cherry blossom height this year in Seoul due to bad weather when I was here and they were blooming, but on my hike in the hills around downtown Seoul I was treated to what looks to be the peak of the rhododendron season. Unbelievably pretty!IMG_5401 Not the rhodos but striking yellow blooms with a backdrop of skyscrapers.IMG_5402 IMG_5403 IMG_5404 IMG_5405

Rhododendrons even along the highways:IMG_5406 IMG_5407 Post-hike Korean spicy noodles from the train station. Yum!

some flying pics

Wow! What a spectacular view of Mt Fuji I had last week during “golden hour” while crossing over Japan from Seoul back to California. I have climbed Mt Fuji with my kids from the base to approximately where the snow line is (approx 8500 ft in June) and hope to have time in my vacation schedule one day to make it to the summit:

Who knew weather charts could be so romantic?! There was a heart-shaped area of ozone and we were routed right through it. This was the route from San Francisco to Seoul:IMG_5398

Another airborne “golden hour” shot…loved the look of these clouds, somewhere over Japan. It’s another thing I love about my job, the ever-changing clouds never get boring:IMG_5377

I took this pic while flying over Siberia a few days ago. (see the weather chart above…this was just west of the heart-shaped ozone area) First of all, it’s rarely clear flying over this part of the world, so seeing the frozen landscape all the way to the slightly curved horizon (from 38,000 ft) was special and just stunning. Brings a whole new meaning to the term vast. (and also c-c-cold):

As some of you may already know, I get the worst, comically bad, fortune cookie fortunes. This one just cut to the core, lol! IMG_5394

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