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Thank you readers for helping make Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 a USA Today Bestseller! At  #118, baby! :) We authors are donating a portion of our first month’s profits to Hero-Dogs so this is fantastic news. But there’s only a few days left–the donation period ends on Nov 11th, Veteran’s Day. So please spread the word and help our vets–For only $3.99 you can help this great organization plus read some fun short stories–like mine!

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When fact meets fiction...

About to head out on an all-nighter to Honolulu. Dark, quiet, over the empty Pacific… Can you tell I just got done editing CONTACT for it’s upcoming re-publication? Needless to say the whole aliens-abduct-747 plot line creeped me out! #watchingforUFOsCONTACT

1...2...3... CONTACT!

Another older title of mine to be released next month and it’s new, fabuloso cover!


A jumbo jet, vanished without a trace…

“Drawing on her experience as a commercial airline pilot, Grant brings a masterful realism to this otherworldly romance. Readers…will relish this emotionally charged aviation romance.”

— Publishers Weekly

“As a 747 pilot for United Airlines, there is little doubt that Susan Grant has been forced to confront more directly than most of us the enormous changes September 11, 2001 brought to our world. Drawing on her unique credentials and front-line perspective, Susan Grant has delivered a story of unusual depth and power that, while a terrific romance and a great adventure, resonates with a distinctly post 9-11 sensibility. I loved Jordan, a truly heroic heroine if ever there was one. There is no question that all of us are different now and Contact reflects those changes perfectly. Frankly, if there is any justice left in this post 9-11 world, this book should be the one to take the author out of semi-cult status straight into the Brockmann leagues.”

— Sandy Coleman, All About Romance

“Susan Grant continues her stratospheric ascent with her latest fantasy romance, combining action and romance in a gripping, thought-provoking package. This is Girl Power at its butt-kicking best, and the result is a romance novel with such admirable heroines that I’d be proud to share it with my 11-year-old daughter. Okay, maybe not the love scenes, just the butt-kicking ones. Contact could easily be expanded by several hundred pages… Susan Grant is a talented enough author to break free of the page restraints of the romance novel genre; I’d love to see what she could do if given free rein to let her imagination and spirit run free.”

— Susan Scribner, The Romance Reader

WINNER: the Romance Writers of America RITA award!


Overall winner Barclay Gold Contest–The coordinator writers: “Contact received three perfect scores (from the three judges), something that has not happened in the history of our contest!”

Winner of the More Than Magic Contest, the PRISM (Best of the Best), Write Touch Readers Award, the Sapphire Award for Best Science Fiction Romance, the PEARL for Best Science Fiction romance, winner All About Romance’s “Best Alternative Reality romance” and “Strongest Heroine,” the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence (Best Futuristic, RRA-L (Best Alternative Reality Author), and Romance Reviews Today’s Best Book of the Year in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance category.

Author’s Note:

One night during the summer of 2001, I was on my way to Sydney, Australia. Midway over the South Pacific, it was the middle of the night, that magical time when it looks like the Milky Way is sitting right in your lap. I asked the captain, “What if a UFO appeared in front of us and swallowed our plane?” The look of dismay he gave me was unforgettable, and he inched away, as if there was anywhere to escape me.

That off-the-wall question became Contact, winning me the prestigious RITA award, the romance genre’s equivalent to the Oscar, in 2003.

These early books of mine were written in the years spanning 1998-2005, and published by a company that is now out of business. For years this publisher sold my books, profiting off my hard work while refusing to pay me. It’s a joyful victory and a miracle that I finally, after so very long, received the rights back to these novels. In order to make them available for sale in the quickest possible way, thanks in no small part to the welcome nagging of my wonderful reader-fans, I have chosen not to update them, instead leaving them as the “classics” they are: pioneering works of science fiction romance, futuristic, and time travel written when paranormal romances were still budding in the marketplace. This means no smart phones, no social media, and, in the earliest works, no post-9-11 security measures. Fun and adventure, however, remain timeless. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I’ve enjoyed dusting them off and getting them back online! Find me at my website www.susangrant.com, my blog www.susangrant.com/blog, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Author.Susan.Grant, and on Twitter @flyerdreamer.


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