Embrace the Romance is a USA Today Bestseller!

Thank you readers for helping make Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 a USA Today Bestseller! At  #118, baby! :) We authors are donating a portion of our first month’s profits to Hero-Dogs so this is fantastic news. But there’s only a few days left–the donation period ends on Nov 11th, Veteran’s Day. So please spread the word and help our vets–For only $3.99 you can help this great organization plus read some fun short stories–like mine!

Buy your copy today!


More Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor soon after sunrise and my idea of the breakfast from heaven: coffee, my kindle, and views from the 40th floor:

Over the years I’ve seen the Hong Kong Island shoreline growing and the harbor shrinking. All that valuable real estate being reclaimed, I guess. I wonder at which point they’ll stop. When the harbor becomes a  channel? Take a look: XA   The route to this gem of a city took us over eastern Russia/Siberia and down through Mongolia. Talk about the great white north! What a vast and lonely stretch of this planet northern China is. If you look closely at the next couple of photos you’ll see a town and some roads:


Here’s a glimpse of the route we took. The names of the waypoints are a treasure trove of alien names for this sci-fi romance author! If you’ve read my Star series, the Vash surname Vedla is a waypoint name.  And oh so many more! 


When fact meets fiction...

About to head out on an all-nighter to Honolulu. Dark, quiet, over the empty Pacific… Can you tell I just got done editing CONTACT for it’s upcoming re-publication? Needless to say the whole aliens-abduct-747 plot line creeped me out! #watchingforUFOsCONTACT

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