"The Nanny from Hell"

in Mysteria Lane Anthology

The women of Mysteria welcome your return in these four new stories by New York Times bestselling authors Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant, Gena Showalter, and national bestselling author P.C. Cast

Centuries ago, the Demon Lord of Self-Doubt and Second Thoughts created the town of Mysteria…

Located in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, it’s where the supernatural co-exists with the natural. It’s a town of bewitching seduction, dark magic, and sensual demons.

The ladies of Mysteria wouldn’t have it any other way…


“The Nanny From Hell” by Susan Grant

When Damon and Harmony’s toddler Damon Jr. develops powers inherited from both his parents, Lucifer senses the child’s presence all the way down in Hell. If he doesn’t stop the child now, it will grow up to challenge him and perhaps — banish the thought — defeat him! One thing he’ll not do is surrender to the spawn of a demon whose ass he fired for committing random acts of kindness. Better to eradicate the threat before it begins. Lucifer chooses from amongst the best on his staff of demons, sending the darkest, the vilest, the most despicable she-demon in Hell to compete for and win the job of nanny to the rambunctious child.

Shay d’Mon’s driving has never been as good as her chariot skills, but then she’s not had as many centuries to practice. Still, she can’t help stealing that Porsche, irresistible in Devil-red. A freak accident on the drive to Mysteria leaves her with something unexpected–a soul. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t get rid of the thing. If Lucifer finds out what’s happened, she’s toast. And if the Faithfull family learns of her true mission…well, she’s still toast. Worse, kindness is feeling pretty good when it used to make her sick. How much longer can Shay fool Lucifer into thinking she’s doing her job? Suddenly, having a soul is really getting in the way and being evil has turned into a hell of a lot of work. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mysteria’s newest sheriff’s been hanging around. If Shay’s not careful, he’ll find out what she is…and there’ll be hell to pay.

Quel Laredo can smell a demon a mile away. Sometimes two, if the wind is right. Hired by Mysteria sheriff Jeannie Tortellini to hunt down demons, Quel senses the she-demon’s presence the minute they carry her into town on the stretcher after a car wreck. Then she goes and gets herself hired as the Faithfulls nanny! Do the Faithfulls know who–or what–Shay d’Mon is? A couple of drinks in Knight Caps on her night off (for investigative purposes) and their hot little hook-up afterward (he’d say that was 100% investigative, too, but he’d be lying) leave him reeling: the little she-demon’s not what she seems. Soon, she’s got him turned so inside out he can’t think of anything else. He can’t have that. No way. He’s a sixth-degree demon-hunter and he’s got a job to do. Quel’s going to uncover the hot little she-demon’s ruse, even if it happens under the covers. And one thing’s pretty damn certain: he’s not going to lose his heart in the process.

The Details Publisher: Berkley / Berkley Sensation / Penguin Group
Published: September 2008
ISBN-10: 0425222942
ISBN-13: 978-0425222942
ASIN: B00125L862

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