The Day Her Heart Stood Still

Science Fiction Romance

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When you wish upon a star…

Ready to give up on ever finding “Mr. Right”, astronaut Andie Del Sarto makes a wish on a shooting star. Except the shooting star isn’t a meteorite at all. It’s a spaceship carrying an alien hunk of a galactic explorer named Zefer—and she’s just brought him down to Earth… 


My Gift to You…

A little about this story: I wrote The Day Her Heart Stood Still many years ago for an anthology celebrating Mothers Day. Andie is logical and driven, the complete opposite of her wacky UFO-museum-owning mother. “Mom” may be exasperating, but she knows a thing or two about true love. Please accept this token of thanks for your continued support. I hope you have as much fun reading this quick and quirky tale as I had writing it. –Susan


The Day Her Heart Stood Still

The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: May 2013
ISBN-13: 9781940200262

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