Star King

Book 1: Star Series

“Aliens… Soulmates… Crazy folks trying to blow up the galaxy…”

Years ago, Air Force pilot Jas Boswell believed she met the love of her life. She shared a mesmerizing encounter with a stranger after a terrible crash. As soon as rescuers arrived, the mysterious golden-eyed man disappeared. She has spent the last two decades trying to convince herself it was all a dream… 

Once heir to a galactic kingdom, Rom B’kah is captain of a starship of renegades and smugglers. He remains haunted by the memory of the “saving angel” he met during wartime and who vanished without a trace. His loyal crew thinks he has pined for this fantasy woman long enough. Then Jas suddenly returns to him and sets their lives on a collision course with destiny…



Star King

The Details Publisher: Susan Grant
Published: May 2013
ISBN-13: 9781940200194