Upcoming Releases

Hi everyone– I had to pause my book writing for a little bit after getting a sooner than expected class date to learn to fly the B777 after United retired the B747. I’ve just completed a couple of months of training, and am now learning to fly the real plane out there around the world. I’ll get the following books up for preorder as soon as I possibly can! The most reliable way to learn about new releases is via my occasional newsletter. You can subscribe here on my website. –Susan

Here’s what I’ve got coming that I feel I can mention (I’m working on other projects as well):

Book #7 in the Star Series

Borderlands #1 (formerly titled Moonstruck with a new, changed ending to allow for an ongoing series with the crew of the Unity)
Finn and Brit’s story

Bolivars and Hadley’s story
Borderlands #2
details to come
Borderlands #3

Audio and print versions of all books—date: In Progress! Check the individual book pages on this site for the latest order links.


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