The Last Flight of the Queen of the Skies

A passenger made this cool video of one of the last flights of the 747 and I’m in it! This was from October 2017, but I only just discovered its existence. I’m so fortunate and honored to have flown the Queen for 20 years. What a magnificent plane. I miss her terribly. Enjoy the video. The passenger did a great job!

Mark your calendars--Vegas, baby!

If you’re in the area, stop by and see me, and bring books for me to sign, or grab my new ones. You can also get a book signed by Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle, Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Cooper, May Sage, and so many more. This will be a who’s who of self-published authors in one place at one time. If you are a fan and are coming to the signing event, please fill out this form to be eligible for a Kindle Paperwhite – three will be given away at the event!
Snacks and drinks will be available. (There is a small fee of $2.50 to attend.) 

Book signing

Cover Tweaks for Star Books 0-2 (AKA the Clothing Project)

Hey! Thanks for the cover help the other day. I loved brainstorming with y’all. Here are the final before and afters of the 3 Star Series covers that I had tweaked. Custom photo shoots with real models are cost prohibitive and well beyond my financial reach, so like many other authors I settle for stock images found online, artfully put together by someone adept with Photoshop. The model I found for Rom in Star King came pretty close to how I imagined him, but the others just give an “impression” of the characters, which is fine. Rogenna Brewer, my amazing cover artist for the Star Series, is closing shop to focus on her writing (she’s an author too, and a vet like me), so I had to catch her before she goes. (sob…I loved working with her!) Any new covers will have to come from a new artist. It’s not easy to find someone who “gets” your books, but fingers crossed. Anyway, enjoy the Before and Afters…

Embrace the Romance is a USA Today Bestseller!

Thank you readers for helping make Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 a USA Today Bestseller! At  #118, baby! :) We authors are donating a portion of our first month’s profits to Hero-Dogs so this is fantastic news. But there’s only a few days left–the donation period ends on Nov 11th, Veteran’s Day. So please spread the word and help our vets–For only $3.99 you can help this great organization plus read some fun short stories–like mine!

Buy your copy today!


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