Cover Tweaks for Star Books 0-2 (AKA the Clothing Project)

Hey! Thanks for the cover help the other day. I loved brainstorming with y’all. Here are the final before and afters of the 3 Star Series covers that I had tweaked. Custom photo shoots with real models are cost prohibitive and well beyond my financial reach, so like many other authors I settle for stock images found online, artfully put together by someone adept with Photoshop. The model I found for Rom in Star King came pretty close to how I imagined him, but the others just give an “impression” of the characters, which is fine. Rogenna Brewer, my amazing cover artist for the Star Series, is closing shop to focus on her writing (she’s an author too, and a vet like me), so I had to catch her before she goes. (sob…I loved working with her!) Any new covers will have to come from a new artist. It’s not easy to find someone who “gets” your books, but fingers crossed. Anyway, enjoy the Before and Afters…

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