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Please welcome Susan Smith (S.E. Smith)  as she tells us a little about her love of animals and introduces us to a couple of her favorite pets.  Susan’s PETS IN SPACE story is A Mate for Matrix.  At the end of today’s post, you will find links to follow her on Facebook and to her website.  


What is your favorite pet story?

For a Fiction read, my favorite pet story would have to be The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. The Black, a wild horse from the Middle East, is not your typical idea of a pet. The hero of the story, Alec, is a young boy who eventually befriends the stallion after the two are shipwrecked together. It is a powerful story of survival, friendship, and overcoming the odds.

The fantasy/fiction stories are always the best, but sometimes the real-life pets can be just as entertaining. We’ve always had pets and they all have their unique personality. At the moment, we are living with our first cat. PIA, she has been through numerous names, is one of our most unique pets.

When she was about three months old, she was abandoned by her owners. Two of my sons were on a job when the owner of the house came up and told them that he was trying to catch a cat that had been left behind by the previous owners. He planned on killing her. My youngest was living in an apartment at the time and already had three cats so he couldn’t take her in and my other son, who now owns two kittens and thinks of them as his kids, is highly allergic to cats. Yes, I know, strange, but true. They called me up and ask me if we wanted a cat. Never having owned one, I said no (Okay, it might have been more of a NO! then just a no, if you know what I mean). Well, boys being boys, especially mine with a tender heart, a half hour later I was the proud owner of a cat. This was four years ago. PIA loves to hunt snakes and play with them, head butt you, meow, follow you around like a puppy, and snuggle. She loves attention and acts more like a dog than a cat. LOL. When my youngest son sent me a picture of her while we were gone and said ‘Mom, your cat is malfunctioning again’, I knew she fit into our family perfectly. 

Why did you write for PISA?

Anyone who knows me will recognize two things: I’m a sucker for animals and good causes. I first heard about Pets in Space when Veronica Scott messaged me and asked me to participate in an anthology. I knew I was already on a tight schedule, but when she told me what it was about and the charity that the stories were going to support, I knew I had to agree. I firmly believe in the healing properties of animals.

Most of the dogs, and definitely PIA, were either strays or pound puppies when we got them. Pixie Missile, a small terrier mix was one of my favorites. We had her at the time the boys brought PIA home. When the dog we had before Pixie passed away, I was heartbroken. I didn’t want another pet as it was just too hard. Three months after Fuzzybucket passed away, my hubby came home and said “There’s a dog in 12A that you need to go see down at the Humane Society.” For a week, I refused. Finally, my daughter and I were out and she told me that we might as well go see it. Of course, it was Pixie and I fell immediately in love with her. It tore me up when she was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was ten years old. I still miss her today. It is for her and all the other pets out there that become such a part of your life that I wrote the story for Pets in Space. My story is for Pixie.

Here is a teaser from A Mate for Matrix from Pets in Space:

“Jana knocked you out – with a small wooden brush. She is fierce and loyal and has the heart of a wolf. I have chosen her as your life mate,” K-Nine stated, jumping down off the bench. “I will scan the area. You need to wash before dinner. You have dirt in your ear.”

Matrix’s mouth snapped shut as he watched K-Nine disappear through the narrow opening. Since when did he let anyone – much less a cyborg wolfhound – choose his life mate? Turning, he gripped the sink before emitting a loud, frustrated growl. He stared at his reflection in the mirror. A grimace of distaste flashed across his face.

“I kissed her looking like this?” He asked himself in disgust before he bowed his head. “I should have left his mangy hide to the trainer. Everyone warned me to stay away from K-Nine. But no, I had to see what a Despairing Wolf hybrid looked like. When will I ever learn?”

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S.E. Smith, New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance brings another action, adventure, and suspense- filled story to transport readers out of this world. Readers can check out her website at and chat with her on Facebook at

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